Locomotive Mobile Jump Pack

The starting unit is utilized as a jump-pack to start your equipment. This starting unit offers a high amperage, controlled voltage charge to return your battery voltage to its nominal value. This unit can provide 1000 amps to a 72 volt system, and has solid state over-voltage protection. This will electronically turn cables off in the event of an over-voltage, which will protect the computers and other sensitive equipment.


  • Output: 72 volt - 1000 amps
  • 50’, 4/0 copper cables (very flexible in extreme cold)
  • 25 hp kohler (command twin) engine with electric start and two (vapor) lp tanks
  • Digital voltmeter (displays constant reading of output voltage)
  • Reliable high amperage alternators
  • Custom built 1000 amp continuous duty solenoids
  • Solid state polarity and over-voltage protection, electronically controlled by a micro-processor
  • Insulated cable rack for your protection and convenience

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