Derailment Site Services

When the unfortunate happens and the cars are on the ground, this usually means the specialized and expensive equipment has to be brought in to clear the cars and/or re-rail them.

During this re-railing and/or clearing process there are often a lot of additional decisions and needs that are bi-product from the derailment that must be addressed.

Products may have to be transferred and/or picked up, cars may need scrapped, rail and ties picked up, ditches cleaned and reshaped, private property restored, etc.

Whatever your needs may be Quality Rail Service has the experience and cost effective rates to solve your problem and be that competitive edge you are probably looking for. Preventing derailments is one thing, being prepared for them is another. We are just one phone call away from assisting you in solving your derailment needs.


  • Derailment Area Restoration - All Types - Lawns Included
  • Scrap Crews
  • Equipment
  • Vaculators
  • Tie Down Railcars - Per A.A.R. Specifications
  • Tankcar & Tank Cleaning & Purging
  • Mobile Grapple Trucks (Magnet & Grapple Included)
  • Semi-Trucks & Trailers
  • Light Plants

Contact: 219-670-0252 or 618-406-4168