Environmental Restoration

At Quality Rail Service, environmental remediation & restoration may involve many different approaches and technologies depending on the requirements of the situation.

It can involve our heavy equipment like excavators, cranes and dump trucks as well as natural restoration processes like the planting of trees and other vegetation.

We work hand in hand with project managers to ensure the customer is walked through step by step each process until we complete the work as promised.


  • Buried Drum Removal and Overpacking
  • Facility Decommisioning, Dismantling & Demolition
  • Pit, Pond, Lagoon Cleaning & Closure
  • Source removal (Dig & Haul)
  • Waste Managment
  • Soil and groundwater investigations
  • Site redevelopment (Brownfields) services
  • Regulatory negotiation
  • Remediation system design and construction
  • Waste management and disposal
  • Stormwater permitting and SWPP plans
  • SPCC plans
  • Air permitting and emissions inventories
  • Environmental reporting (Tier II, TRI, hazardous waste reports)
  • Environmental and safety (OSHA) compliance audits
  • Environmental and safety (OSHA) training
  • Due diligence for property transfers
  • Environmental management systems

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